2016's Chalk Fireplace

This years chalk fireplace is ornate and romantic.

We've always wanted a fireplace in our home. Although some homes in Florida do boast a fireplace, it's not an extra that lives in our home. In the spirit of creating your own reality, I'm making our dreams of a fireplace a reality with some chalk and a little imagination. Plus, it's very inexpensive and can change yearly!

Chalking a lovely fireplace adds wonderful holiday charm to my little studio area. I'm feeling the holiday spirit just by having this to glance at throughout the day.

Last year I opened up the mantel to our friends and family and when we exchanged cards this is where they lived during the holiday season. That will be happening again this year.


Photo Credits JCPJR Photography

Photo Credits JCPJR Photography


2015 Illustrated Chalk Fireplace