When you think about it the wonderful herbs and beautiful flowers scent our earth. So with that thought in mind I headed to the chalk board and created my latest piece, Herbs and Blooms

4.5'x4.5' Chalk Mural

100% Traditional Chalk

100% Hand Crafted

Zero projection.

I always roughly sketch out my ideas to have an overall plan so when I hit the wall with chalk I know how I want to layout the text and any illustrations I wish to include. Many of the more intricate details are decided on the fly while I'm working.  Although my sketches are small and smudged they are the perfect plan of action for a larger scale chalk mural. All of my chalk work is 100% hand drawn with no projection. I'm pretty basic. Just a girl, a blank wall and some chalk.









 Panella, J., (Photographer) 2015. Herbs and Blooms (Photograph)

Panella, J., (Photographer) 2015. Herbs and Blooms (Photograph)