I Love Us - Card

I Love Us and Pink Pancakes
I Love Us and Pink Pancakes

I Love Us - Card


This lovely card is the perfect way to say I Love You and Us! Born from a piece of chalk this pretty cards art is nothing more than dust arranged on a chalkboard. Enjoy all the hard work and love poured into this design minus the dust of course. Delicate vines intertwine behind the cards lettering creating a beautifully pronounced heart.

You might also enjoy my coordinating Love Collection of stickers for sealing envelopes, perking up coffee pods, decorating lunches, memos and more! Available in the shop as well.

:::::About Your Order:::::

Blank inside for your own personal message.
Card measures 4.75x6.75.
White A7 envelope included.
Ships FREE to anywhere in the lovely US of A!

I pour a ton of love into everything I create and my hands touch every piece that leaves my desk.

The copyright for the art doesn't pass with the sale of these items only the pretty art does.

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