Kim Panella

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Thank you for your interest in contacting me for your hand lettering and illustration needs. I look forward to speaking with you about your special project. Let's connect and make pretty things!

Hi!, I'm Kim Panella, a hand letterer, illustrator, and chalk artist. I was born in Mount Airy, NC, better known as “Mayberry” from the Andy Griffith Show, and grew up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  I discovered early in life that I was driven to create.  With a profound love of architecture and art I attended college and earned my degree with a major in Drafting and Design. After working in the engineering field for several years it became evident that I longed for the arts.  I put down my t-square and never looked back.

Fulfilling the creative needs of my family and friends over the years has offered practice and built confidence.  Through hard work and dedication the intimate circle I've always created for has grown. For this I am truly blessed.

My passion for hand lettered type and illustration has introduced me to an amazing community of artists and opened up numerous opportunities; including a career as a freelance hand letterer and illustrator.  

In addition to being an artist,  I am a proud Momma to two beautiful girls and wife to a sweet man named John. 



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