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Studio Tour

Peek inside the beautiful riverfront studio of fine watercolor artist, Kimberly Mathews.

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10 Tips to help you slay the Lonely Monster and feel like yourself again.

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10 Tips that will Level Up Your Correspondence Today.

Text Scavenger Hunt Party Game

Turn on your cell phones and go outside and play. A cell phone scavenger hunt game.

From Hello to You’re Hired

How to turn small talk into work. Bring on the elevator pitch.

Saying No To Work

It can be hard to turn down work but here’s why you need to.

Customize Your Mac Folders

Make your most popular directories stand out with this easy tutorial.

Sharpeners That Make The CUT

Learn which sharpeners really deliver and stop trashing your nice pencils.

Real World Rejection Letters

Real-life cringe worthy No Thank You’s shared. Learn what Not-To-Do 😬🤦🏼‍♀️